Pantelleria is a magical place, a borderland between Europe and Africa, “better than the moon” as described by the famous Gabriel Garcia Marquez who was struck by the still sea, the “dammusi” painted in lime and the rocky and volcanic landscape.


The island of Pantelleria is the celebration of biodiversity and mystical landscapes, from the Specchio di Venere lake with its natural waters at over 50 ° and its thermal muds to the Arco dell’Elefante, a natural monument to beauty up to the famous Favare, fumaroles. that spit steam at over 100 ° between the cracks in the lava rock of the island.

But the island is not just nature, on the contrary, it is even richer in history than you think. You can dive into Cala Tramontana where, with a little luck, you can discover ancient Punic bronze coins or, venture among the ancient Sesi, sepulchral monuments of over 5000 years built by an ancient people from North Africa.


Lovers of bon vivre, on the other hand, can cheer up with a good glass of the famous Passito, made exclusively from Zibibbo grapes grown in Pantelleria, or savor Bacio Pantesco, a crispy fried pastry filled with fresh ricotta. Pantelleria therefore represents a unique place to choose to spend your holidays and to regenerate body and mind away from the world, in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea.